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Expedition Cruises

Image by Kayti Coonjohn


Uncruise is all about adventure!  Their small boats and crew expertise redefine what’s possible on a cruise: Flexibility. Authenticity. Active exploration. Unmapped territory. Sustainability. This is what sets UnCruise Adventures apart from other adventure style cruises.

Frozen Landscape

Linbad Expeditions

Set sail for close-up encounters with the wonders of nature with Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic. They create extraordinary experiences for curious, discerning individuals from calving glaciers, bear viewing or landing by Zodiac amid teeming penguin colonies in Antarctica. 

Penguins Swimming in Sea

Quark Exepditions

The most rugged, remote, ice-filled and unexplored regions in the world are waiting to deliver the richest travel experience you will ever have—intimate wildlife encounters, diverse landscapes and exquisite natural beauty all possible with Quark Expeditions.



Hurtigruten is perhaps most known for its operation along Norway's western and northern coast between Bergen and Kirkenes. But as world leader in exploration travel, we also offer expedition cruises in Antarctica, Greenland, Iceland, Svalbard, Alaska, Northwest Passage and more.


Adventure Canada

For more than thirty years, Adventure Canada has been taking people to some of the most inspiring destinations on the planet.  Their philosophy is that by getting people close to nature and immersed in culture, they can actually transform the way we see the world.



G Adventures Marine tours connect travellers to the world's greatest aquatic destinations abroad small, intimate ships and yachts. Each tour has been carefully designed to deliver unparalleled access to out-of-the-way ports and islands, and to foster meaningful connections with local people and cultures in a way you simply won't get from a large cruise line

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