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Cruising Styles:  From intimate small ships, well appointed yachts to mega resorts at sea, we are happy
to work with you to determine the best style of cruising to suit your needs and interests.

River Cruising

Contemporary, state of the art vessels that take you to the heart of destinations, these ships offer a boutique experience with comfort and relaxation in mind and allow you an authentic experience of the destination you're in.

Waiter with Champagne Flutes

Luxury Ships

Luxury ships are easy to navigate and are often more destination focussed.  With fewer passengers, these vessels offer a more intimate cruise experience and are often able to access many ports the larger ships can not.

Leaning on Rail

Family Cruise

These ships cater to a variety of ages on board with organized kids and teen programs, a family friendly dining options, a wide range of entertainment and recreation for one and all.

cruise ship on island


These ships are well suited to a variety of ages as they offer a range of activities, entertainment, endless destinations and itineraries and superb dining options.



Expedition ships are small and nimble and able to access some of the most remote areas of the world.  From Antarctica to the Northwest Passage, this style of cruising will allow you to explore and discover.

With more cruise ships on the waters than ever before, we encourage you to browse online but to also utilize the expertise of our knowledgeable cruise agents.
We have the experience to match you with the perfect cruise line, ship and destination.

Want to speak with an agent?  We'd love to speak with you!

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We are only a click or phone call away!

What to Expect When Cruising

If you’re seeking the ultimate vacation, including multiple destinations, great food and entertainment, along with special amenities, like pools, spas, fitness centres and even shopping, a cruise may be your ideal choice.

Cruise ships aren’t just floating hotels, they’re like a city on the water, offering almost everything you could ever think of for a vacation experience like no other.

What’s included?

Shore Excursions!
Charming Streets

You've booked the perfect cruise and now you're wondering what to do in each port of call! 


Break away from the pack and check out these city tours & day activities in ports of call all around the globe.


With more than 3000 options, there is sure to be a great option for you and all backed by flexible cancellation policies and back to the ship guarantees!

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