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Indulge in your next grape escape with an iconic wine tour. Visit California's wine country, Argentina or the Okanogan Valley or maybe swish around the idea of visiting Europe's expansive wine culture & history.  No matter which you choose, our wine vacations are designed so you can experience all the beauty of the world’s most important wine producing regions. 



Let us take you beyond the usual tourist attractions to discover local chefs, gourmet street food,  Michelin star restaurants, and hidden markets.  Treat your tastebuds to a symphony of global flavours.  The only requirement: a healthy appetite.



  • Taste olive oil as fresh as it gets

  • Dine in Michelin star restaurants

  • Enjoy a river cruise through Europe's extensive wine regions

  • Learn to make pasta & pizza 

  • Be hands on during the grape harvest season

  • Taste incredible cheese 

  • Tour vineyards 

  • Savor delectable chocolate

  • Learn French cooking techniques

  • Take to the streets for Thai street food

  • Dine on the best meals served at sea

40 Saskatchewan Ave. East, Portage la Prairie, MB R1N0L2       204.857.5547     Toll Free  800.509.3311
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